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Milton Ruiz Alves

DOI: 10.17545/e-oftalmo.cbo/2015.10

The recognition of the need to follow the constant and profound changes in the field of medical information has inspired the CBO to create a new scientific journal, e-Oftalmo.CBO.

Information technology has been increasing rapidly, improving our quality of life in various areas, whether professional, personal, or governmental. Analogic technologies allowed for storage and broad access to information, primarily through printed texts. Now, the CBO brings to ophthalmologists a bimensal scientific publication, in electronic format only, which incorporates all the new digital technologies that allow us to expand our cognitive and creative skills. [Remark 1]

The new digital journal e-Oftalmo.CBO will feature literature review articles, updates, expert opinions, case studies, videos, audios, discussions, and a summary of the best recent publications. All this content can be accessed right now from your laptop or mobile phone. Your participation as a reader or publishing author is paramount for all of us to develop a better appreciation of the field of ophthalmology and of Brazilian ophthalmologists in particular, who work diligently to ensure that the Brazilian population has access to quality ophthalmic assistance.

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