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e-Oftalmo. CBO: The New Brazilian Electronic Journal in Ophthalmology

e-Oftalmo. CBO: A Nova Revista Eletrônica da Oftalmologia Brasileira

Carlos Augusto Moreira Júnior

DOI: 10.17545/e-oftalmo.cbo/2015.9

This article belongs to the Special Issue Neuropatias

The Brazilian Council of Ophthalmology (Conselho Brasileiro de Oftalmologia-CBO), attentive to the concerns of ophthalmologists in the 21st century, has created a new scientific journal in electronic format, designated e-Oftalmo.cbo. This digital journal will use all media types (audio and video) and will serve as the newest mode of scientific information for Brazilian ophthalmologists.

This digital scientific journal will be bilingual (published in English and Portuguese), quarterly, and targeted at ophthalmologists. It will publish literature reviews, updates, expert opinions, perspectives, debates, discussions, and summaries of the best recent publications in ophthalmology using all forms of digital media. The journal will allow for a faster and more direct access to scientific information in ophthalmology. It will also enable the online discussion of published studies and clinical cases. All these features can be accessed from a laptop or mobile phone. Simply login and you are done! Videos, audios, and written information on all topics of ophthalmology will be available at the tip of your finger.

Therefore, I invite all Brazilian ophthalmologists and members of the Brazilian Council of Ophthalmology to actively participate in this journal, either as a reader or a scientific contributor. We are pleased to offer you this first edition, convinced that there is still a long way to go in improving communication through digital media.

We are counting on you! Feel free to access the website and browse the new platform of scientific information in ophthalmology: e-Oftalmo.cbo.

Kind regards,